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Plexin A1 (N-terminal Sema Domain) Peptide

Blocking Peptide

Application / Dilution
ELISA50 ng/well

Size 50 μg



Plexins are a family of large integral membrane proteins that complex with neuropilins to form semaphorin co-receptors. The extracellular region of plexins contains a semaphorin domain, multiple glycine-rich motifs, and MET-related sequences. The cytoplasmic region contains a Sex/Plexin domain and putative tyrosine phosphorylation sites that mediate signal transduction after activation. This region in Plexin-A1 binds the RhoGTPases, Rnd1 and RhoD. Recruitment of Rnd1 has been implicated in the cytoskeletal collapse that occurs after semaphorin-mediated activation of Plexin-A1, while RhoD may block this collapsing activity through interaction with the cytoplasmic region of Plexin-A1. The expression of Plexin-A1, along with the co-receptor Neuropilin-1, is upregulated in neurons after central nervous system injury. The axons from these neurons cannot cross semaphorin 3A-containing regions at the site of injury. Thus, semaphorin 3A and its co-receptors, Plexin-A1 and Neuropilin-1, may have significant roles in axon regeneration after neuronal injury.



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Plexin-A1 synthetic peptide corresponds to a region within the semaphorin domain of human Plexin-A1. This sequence is highly conserved in rat and mouse Plexin-A1, and has low homology to other Plexin family members.

*For more information, see UniProt Accession Q9UIW2
Blocking Peptide is supplied in 50µl phosphate-buffered saline and 0.05% sodium azide. Store at –20°C. Stable for 1 year.

The products are are safely shipped at ambient temperature for both domestic and international shipments. Each product is guaranteed to match the specifications as indicated on the corresponding technical data sheet. Please store at -20C upon arrival for long term storage.

The peptide is specifically recognized by anti-Plexin-A1 (Sema domain) antibody (PP1471) in ELISA, and has been shown to block the reactivity of PP1471 in Western blot and immunocytochemistry applications.

*All molecular weights (MW) are confirmed by comparison to Bio-Rad Rainbow Markers and to western blot mobilities of known proteins with similar MW.

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