Catalog # CM4371

Calnexin (N-terminal region) Antibody

Mouse Monoclonal

Application / Dilution

Size 100 μl

Species Reactivity Hu, Rt, Ms

MW 180 kDa

Isotype IgG1



Calnexin is a 90 kDa integral membrane protein located primarily in the endoplasmic reticulum (ER). The structure of calnexin includes a long N-terminal calcium-binding domain that extends into the lumen of the ER and a short, acidic cytosolic domain. Calnexin associates with several cell surface proteins as they pass through the ER, and may be involved in the Ca2+-dependent retention of proteins in the ER. The amino acid sequence of calnexin is highly conserved among various species and is similar in sequence to calreticulin, another Ca2+-binding protein found in the ER. Phosphorylation may regulate the activity of the C-terminal region of Calnexin. Both proline-dependent kinase and casein kinase sites have been identified, and the phosphorylation of these sites may regulate calnexin functions involved with detection of ER protein quality control and transport.


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Immunocytochemical labeling in paraformaldehyde fixed and NP-40 permeabilized rat A7r5 cells. The cells were labeled with mouse monoclonal Anti-Calnexin (CM4371), then the antibody was detected using Goat anti-Mouse secondary antibody conjugated to DyLight® 594.

Western blot image of cell structure markers in NCI-H1915 lung carcinoma cells. The blot was probed with anti-Vimentin intermediate filament protein VM4341 (lane 1), anti-Nucleoporin p62 NM4361 (lane 2), anti-Hsp60 mitochondrial protein HM4381 (lane 3), and anti-Calnexin endoplasmic reticulum protein CM4371 (lane 4).

Clone M437 was generated from a recombinant protein corresponding to amino acid residues in the N-terminal region of human calnexin. This sequence has high homology to similar regions in rat and mouse Calnexin.

*For more information, see UniProt Accession P27824
Mouse monoclonal purified with protein A chromatography is supplied in 100µl phosphate-buffered saline, 50% glycerol, 1 mg/ml BSA, and 0.05% sodium azide. Store at –20°C. Stable for 1 year.

The products are are safely shipped at ambient temperature for both domestic and international shipments. Each product is guaranteed to match the specifications as indicated on the corresponding technical data sheet. Please store at -20C upon arrival for long term storage.

This antibody detects a 90 kDa* protein corresponding to the apparent molecular mass of Calnexin on SDS-PAGE immunoblots of human HeLa and rat A7r5 cells. In immunocytochemistry, anti-Calnexin specifically stains endoplasmic reticulum and related vesicular structures in paraformaldehyde fixed and NP-40 permeabilized cells.

*All molecular weights (MW) are confirmed by comparison to Bio-Rad Rainbow Markers and to western blot mobilities of known proteins with similar MW.

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