Catalog # CM0521

CD147/Emmprin/Basigin (Extracellular region) M052 Antibody

Mouse Monoclonal

Application / Dilution

Size 100 μl

Species Reactivity Hu

MW 38-58 kDa

Isotype IgG1



CD147 (Basigin/EMMPRIN) is a type I integral membrane receptor protein belonging to the immunoglobulin superfamily. CD147 is a glycosylated protein with four known isoforms with isoform 2 being the most abundantly expressed. In many cancers, CD147 is overexpressed and stimulates the secretion of extracellular matrix metalloproteinases by tumor fibroblasts, which can promote tumor progression. CD147 is co-expressed with the amino acid transporter, CD98h, in metabolically active cells such as lymphocytes, macrophages, and tumor cells. CD147 interaction with caveolin and cyclophilins regulates its functions, and this protein may function outside of tumor cells through cell shedding and microvesicle release.

Miyauchi T. et al. (1990) J Biochem. 107(2):316.
Biswas, C. et al. (1995) Cancer Res. 55:434.
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Western blot of lysates from SK-MES-1 squamous carcinoma (lane 1), MDA-MB-231 breast carcinoma (lane 2), MeWo melanoma (lane 3), A431 skin adenocarcinoma (lane 4), LNCaP prostate cancer cells (lane 5), MCF7 breast cancer cells (lane 6) and NCI-H1915 lung cancer cells. The blot was probed with mouse monoclonal anti-CD147 (CM0521) at 1:1000.

Clone (M052) was generated from a proprietary antigen related to the native human CD147 expressed in NCIH1915 lung cancer cell line.

*For more information, see UniProt Accession P35613
Mouse monoclonal, protein G purified antibody is supplied in 100µl phosphate-buffered saline, 50% glycerol, 1 mg/ml BSA, and 0.05% sodium azide. Store at -20°C. Stable for 1 year.

The products are are safely shipped at ambient temperature for both domestic and international shipments. Each product is guaranteed to match the specifications as indicated on the corresponding technical data sheet. Please store at -20C upon arrival for long term storage.

Clone M052 mouse monoclonal antibody detects a 38-58 kDa* protein on SDS-PAGE immunoblots of human SK-MES1, MDA-MB-231, MeWo, A431, LNCaP, and NCI-H1915 cells, as well as human brain tissues. The antibody works for western blot and ELISA detection of CD147.

*All molecular weights (MW) are confirmed by comparison to Bio-Rad Rainbow Markers and to western blot mobilities of known proteins with similar MW.

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