Catalog # PK7560

PKC Antibody Kit

Antibody Sampler Kit

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Hu, Rt, Ms, Ck




The PKC Antibody Sampler kit can be used to examine the expression levels of PKCα, PKCβ, PKCγ, PKCδ, and PKCθ. The kit includes mouse monoclonal antibodies that detect PKC (α,β,γ) isoforms (M499), as well as antibodies to detect the specific isoforms: PKCα, PKCβ, PKCγ, PKCδ, and PKCθ specifically.

Western blot analysis of PKCβ in adult mouse brain lysate. The blot was probed with mouse monoclonal anti-PKCβ clone M598 at 1:1000 (lane 1) and 1:4000 (lane 2).

Immunocytochemical labeling of PKCθ in rat PC12 cells differentiated with NGF. The cells were labeled with mouse monoclonal PKCθ (N-terminal region) antibody, then detected using appropriate secondary antibody conjugated to Cy3.

Mouse monoclonal antibodies are supplied in phosphate-buffered saline, 50% glycerol, 1 mg/ml BSA, and 0.05% sodium azide. Store all at –20°C. Stable for 1 year.

The products are are safely shipped at ambient temperature for both domestic and international shipments. Each product is guaranteed to match the specifications as indicated on the corresponding technical data sheet. Please store at -20C upon arrival for long term storage.

*All molecular weights (MW) are confirmed by comparison to Bio-Rad Rainbow Markers and to western blot mobilities of known proteins with similar MW.

This kit contains:

PKCα (Central region) Mouse mAb 50 μlWB, E, IP, ICC, IHCHu, Rt, Ms82
PKC (α,β,γ) Mouse mAb50 μlWB, E, ICCHu, Rt, Ms, Ck82
PKCβ (N-terminal region) Mouse mAb 50 μlWB, E, ICCHu, Rt, Ms, Ck82
PKC γ (C-terminus) Mouse mAb50 μlWB, EHu, Rt, Ms, Ck82
PKCδ (N-terminal region)Mouse mAb 50 μlWB, E, ICCHu, Rt, Ms78
PKCθ (N-terminal region) Mouse mAb 50 μlWB, E, ICCHu, Rt, Ms79